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Pam Sherman

Pam Sherman

Hello! I'm Pam Sherman, founder of The Perfect Balance, certified trainer and instructor since 1997, author, and motivational speaker. If you're looking for a life with more energy, better moods, and confidence, you're at the right place.  I'll show you the power of healthy food and fitness to achieve those goals, no matter where you're starting from. 

There are lots of fitness "experts" and fads out there, but what makes me different is that I have years of experience with real results, and I provide a practical, creative, and fun (but no-nonsense) approach to health. I've helped hundreds of people of all ages, weights and life stages figure out creative, small ways to get started on a path towards better health, and I know how to motivate them to keep going. 

I'm also a wife and a mom to two amazing kids, now in high school and college. I easily relate to people trying to juggle taking care of themselves with the needs of their family and the demands of their job. Read the testimonials from many happy clients to learn more.

My Mission
I help empower women to lose the emotional and physical weight to increase their confidence, self esteem and feel GREAT Naked!

My goal for this site and the resources that I offer is to try to reach and help as many people as possible. I am always reading and learning as much as I can about fitness and health. I am also passionate about healthy eating. I want to spread the word on clean eating, fitness, and all around healthy living.

Your health is your wealth... so what are you waiting for? Schedule a consultation with me. Then discover Your Checklist for 7 steps to better health!

Pam Sherman
Certified Trainer & Instructor
Motivational Speaker