the perfect balance - Media FEATURing Pam

July 2018:

Featured in ActiveKids: 8 Tips for Parents Ready to Get Back into a Fitness Routine After a Lapse 

Featured in Healthy Way: So You Want to Become a Personal Trainer? Here's How


May 2018:

Guest exerciser on Good Day Sacramento (I'm the one doing dead lifts)!

April 2018:

Featured in Reader's Digest: 19 “Healthy” Food Rules Nutrition

January 2018:

Featured in She Knows: Does Couting Calories Even Matter?

Featured in Fit Radio: Fit Radio Success Story

November 2017:

Featured in Women's Running Magazine: 5 Stay-Fit Tips for the Holidays (PDF) 

Featured in The Tab: We Asked Experts How Not to Gain the Freshman 15