Creamy tomato veggie soup

This is a staple in my house every winter. It’s super easy and quick to make!


1-2 Boxes of broth- depends how thick you like your soup. Any flavor works well

1-2 jars of pasta sauce. I use Ariabatta from Trader Joe’s.

1 sweet yellow onion

4-8 big peeled carrots

1 bunch of celery

1 head of cauliflower

any other veggies you like!

To begin, chop up cauliflower and put in a 9X13 pan. Lightly coat with olive oil and salt/pepper. Roast for 35 mins at 425 or until browned and carmelized. In a soup pot, saute’ onion in a bit of butter or olive oil-either is fine, until browned. While onion is cooking, chop up carrots and celery. Once onion is done cooking add carrots/celery, pasta sauce and broth. Cook on low heat 30 mins or until carrots are soft. Add in the cooked cauliflower and your soup is ready to eat!