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Pam Sherman

Pam Sherman

As a certified instructor and trainer for over 20 years, and more recently as an author and motivational speaker, I've inspired and motivated thousands of people on the path towards better health.

I've also been through a lot of tough personal and family situations (a few of these are mentioned in this blog post). The common theme between the success of my fitness career and thriving through difficult personal experiences is resilience.

I'm honored to offer speeches that motivate and inspire to all kinds of audiences. (View my latest speaking and media engagements). Whether you need a quick presentation, an in-depth speech, or a small group discussion, I'd love to work with your organization to motivate and inspire others. 

Here are a few of the themes that I speak about:

  • Overcoming Adversity and Finding Your Resilience
  • The Link Between Your Health and Emotional Well-Being
  • How to Develop a Resilience Mindset
  • Fitness Basics - Essentials for Health, from newbies to experienced
  • Your Busy Life - Fitting in the Best Food, Fitness & Fun
  • Food Basics for a Healthier Life
  • Advanced Fitness Concepts

View my eSpeakers Profile and contact me at pam@theperfectbalance.guru to inquire about a speaking engagement for your organization. I'd love to help!

Pam Sherman
Certified Trainer & Instructor
Motivational Speaker